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Giving you MORE lifestyle choices through finance.

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Whether you want to hold the keys to your new car in your hand, refinance to allow you to upgrade your existing home or for other things that will improve your lifestyle, YES we can help.


As we walk you through your possibilities, and what we need to do with you to make it happy, we aim to make everything smooth and easy through the whole process.

Our experts can help you to find car finance to match your needs and at the best rate we can find for you from our panel of over 25 lenders.

We can source loans for all types of vehicles from cars and motor bikes to campervans.


Get the keys to your new vehicle in your hand!

Imagine the freedom and lifestyle you can create for you and your family with finance for your boat or new caravan.

KISS finance can give you the help and support to enable you to explore your world and live life to the max!

There are many reasons you may want to consider using the equity that your property has built up over time. These include improvements to the home, improving the lifestyle of your and your family, or do some of those things you have always wanted to do.

Whatever the reason we will show you what is possible, as well as making sure you get the best market rate for you new loan.

We will assess your current situation, provide you with the facts about your options and work with you to design a solution that is tailored to your preferred outcome and long- term goals.

Debt consolidation can not only make things more manageable a create one easy payment but also reduce stress and anxiety that sometimes people feel when they have multiple debts accumulated.

A Chattel Mortgage is a finance solution typically used for the purpose of purchasing vehicles or other business plant equipment (items that are “moveable).

You own the goods, however the financier retains title until final payment (This is why the “mortgage” is used).

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With our finance expertise and your desire for a better lifestyle, let’s see what we can create working together