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Helping you to get the lifestyle choices you want.

New House finance by kiss

Whether a new home, refinance or buying property for investment we commit to getting you the most appropriate loan for your circumstances at the best market rate possible.


With a panel of over 25 lenders, we have fantastic access to the whole finance market to give you the best chance of a YES! decision and will make the process easy and smooth as we walk beside you from start to finish of your application.

Meet with your individual finance consultant to discuss how we can find the right loan at a great rate for you to buy your next home, and get closer the lifestyle that you and your family deserve.

We specialise in helping those of you who are looking at that first important and exciting step into owning your own home.

We will work hard for you to find the right loan at a great rate and walk you through the whole process so you feel completely supported throughout.

Many Australians are paying more than they need to for their home loan. Sometimes this can be thousands of dollars EVERY year.

Talk to us and see what is possible, and the savings you can make that will put hard cash back into your pocket every month.

Flexible lending IS available for the self-employed or small business owners who do not have the PAYG income to apply for a standard loan.

Let us walk you through your application and make sure you have all you need to make it happen.

Our vast network of potential lenders for investor finance mean that we can work hard for you.

We will make sure you get the most appropriate loan for your NEXT investment property and give you the best chance of getting to that YES decision that allows you to continue to build your property portfolio.

Many investors wish to explore the potential for buying property through their SMSF.

We will not only show you what is possible for you but provide the guidance and access resources to make sure you remain compliant.

We can explore the potential to re-finance and release capital to renovate or add to your home with many of the lenders we have access to.

Not only may this take your home closer to your “dream house”, but also add value. Talk to us and see what may be possible for you.

Investment with KISS finance

With our home finance expertise and your vision for YOUR future lifestyle, let’s see what we can create working together