Equipment Lending

Making your business easier and quicker.

White Man TGS 35.480 Heavy Duty Truck

We have access to the full range of equipment lending options to enable you to meet your business challenges head on and work with greater effectiveness and efficiency.


As we walk you through your alternatives to meet you business requirements, we will give you the knowledge of what is possible, and what we need to do with you to make it happen. This means you can make the decisions that are the right ones for you.

If your business relies on expensive equipment that may go out-of-date quickly or needs upgrading, a rental or operating finance solution may be worth exploring.


In practical terms, rather than buying the equipment outright, you “rent” it with a manageable, monthly payment.

There are many benefits to your business of consider vehicle finance solutions. These may include reduction in costs through payroll tax and super contributions, and of course it will enable you to demonstrate to your team they are valued.

With a range of solutions available, we will walk you through your possibilities.

We can arrange finance to meet your current and future truck and trailer requirments to ensure your business can function at its highest level.

With access to the full range of solutions, lets work together to make sure that your business has exactly what it needs.

Earth moving, general construction and equipment moving equipment all come under the “Yellow Goods” finance umbrella.

Our expertise in this area will make sure you get the right sort of finance for your business at the best market rates possible.

A Chattel Mortgage is a finance solution typically used for the purpose of purchasing vehicles or other business plant equipment (items that are “moveable).

You own the goods, however the financier retains title until final payment (This is why the “mortgage” is used).

Excavator machine unloading sand with water

With our equipment finance expertise, let’s see what we can create working together